• What are the buildings made of?
    100% U.S. Commercial Grade Steel.

  • Is there a coating on the steel?
    Yes, every panel is coated with Galvalume®, (55% aluminum 43.4 Zinc and 1.6 % Silicone) 7 times more rust resist than galvanized.

  • Why should I choose steel over wood or block?
    You never have to worry about termites or fire plus, GASB utilizes state of the art computer aided design and drafting to create a high quality steel building at very competitive prices. Our buildings are designed with heavy gauge steel 2-3 times thicker than the 26-29 gauge steel used in most pole barns.

  • How difficult is it to erect a GASS building?
    About 75% of our customers will erect the building themselves. All the panels are pre-drilled and pre-cut and you use the same bolt and nut for the entire building, depending on the size building it takes from 2-7 days from start to finish.

  • Once I place my order how long does it take to receive my building?
    Typically about 4 weeks.

  • Does my building come with blueprints or a foundation plan?
    YES, every GASB comes with factory stamped blueprints and a detailed foundation plan. It usually takes about 10 working days to receive these.

  • Does the building come with a warranty?
    Yes, each Great American Steel building comes with a 30 YR 6 MOS warranty against rust and a 1 year warranty against defects.

  • Do I need to paint my Great American Steel Building?
    NO- its maintenance free, if you want to paint it you can. You should use Exterior Metal Paint.

  • Can I get a Color Building?
    Yes- We offer color arches and end walls, ask your representative for the details.

  • Do I have to unload the building?
    YES- If you have access to a forklift, tractor or backhoe that’s great but if not you can hand unload a building usually in about an hour.

  • Will my building meet local codes?
    YES- In most cases our buildings will exceed all local wind and snow load codes. Engineered Stamped State Plans are available to ensure your building will meet local requirements.

  • What if I don't want factory end walls?
    Our End Walls are non load bearing, We provide a trim kit for custom end walls , it's simple to frame in the ends and make the building match the surrounding structures.